Grand Slam Cod with BBQ Leeks

















Nut Butter, BBQ leeks, spinach salad, fresh mint, lemon oil dressing
Fresh succulent Cod fillet with a vibrant green salad, English mustard dressing and chip shop batter…

Shopping - serves 2


80grm boneless and skinless Cod Fillet
30grm butter and a splash of rapeseed oil
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
6 baby leeks
100grm baby spinach and 50grm of baby gems
60grm peas
Fresh mint
50grm of plain flour
Tsp rice wine vinegar
Sparkling water
1 Tsp of caster sugar, English mustard, white wine vinegar and 4 Tsp lemon oil
Salt and pepper


1. Wash the spinach leafs, gems and leeks. Top and tail the leeks and rub a little oil over them, place onto a hot
chargrill pan to BBQ, cook evenly and season lightly with salt, leave to cool
2. Cut the leeks into small batons

3. Whisk the caster sugar, mustard, vinegar and oil together to emulsify, add chopped mint

4. Fold together the salad of spinach leafs, picked baby gems, peas and BBQ leeks baton, mix with a little dressing

5. Season and oil cod fillet and fry in a hot pan 2 minutes, turn adding butter and cook for a further 1 minute. Add a
squeeze of fresh lemon to create a brown butter, coating on your fish and rest for a further minute.

6. Whisk together flour, vinegar and sparkling water and a pinch of salt to make a simple batter with a double
cream consistency. Spoon into hot oil to create delicious crispy batter, cook until light brown and the batter is
floating, rest onto a kitchen towel.

7. Place your dressed BBQ leek salad onto a plate, adding your nut butter fish on the top, finish with traditional chip
shop batter scraps and a further drizzle of dressing.

Robs Tips

1. All your salad and batter can be prepared in advance
2. Capers are a nice addition to the recipe for extra seasoning and flavour