Chicken with Wild Mushrooms






























The Shopping Basket for 4

4 Chicken breasts skin on

Cup of wild mushrooms

Small cube of butter

Sprig of curly parsley

Pinch of seasoning

Splash of cream

A little rapeseed oil

Small handful of watercress

The Cooking

First make a chicken mousse using trimmings from the four breasts. (About 100grm). Blend the chicken trim with a pinch of seasoning’ until at a mince consistency, beat in a splash of cream and chill.

Chop and fry wild mushrooms, add butter and chopped parsley, cool, then mix into chicken mousse. Make a small tunnel at the back of the chicken breast, place the mousse into a piping bag and pipe into the tunnel, tuck the chicken skin over to seal.

Fry the chicken breast with thyme and garlic in a little rapeseed oil and season. Cook until the skin is golden brown’ place in a pre-heated oven at 180c for 12 minutes

Serve the chicken breast cut into 3, to show off your delicious mushroom mousse. Garnish with watercress to add a peppery salad crunch.


Ball potatoes and fry to colour in a little butter and oil, when golden brown add marmite and roast for 10minutes at 180c until extra sticky and soft in the centre.

Veg Garnish

Use oven roasted parsnips, carrots and onions as the perfect Veg! Flavour with garlic and thyme.


Tips to Add Extra…..

Add a teaspoon of cep powder to your chicken mousse for extra earthy taste

Add sliced mushrooms and a little cream to your gravy sauce to make it extra rich

Chicken with wild mushrooms as seen on BBC One Royal Recipes’ served with sticky potatoes and roasted roots