I always enjoy a wonderful roast and without spending any extra money, I wanted to treat myself to good looking food. Juicy roast chicken with a pocket of Great British sausage stuffing. This is one of my favourite family recipes which eats great and looks devine.


The Roast

2 chicken breasts (remove and keep skin)

2 pork and herb sausages removed from skin

3 slices brioche blitz to a crumb

30grm white onion finely chopped and sweated

 A couple of chopped Sage leaves

50grm butter

Sprigs of thyme

1 pint chicken stock


In a bowl mix together the sausage meat, sage, onion and 2/3 brioche crumb. Make a small tunnel in the back of the chicken breast using a small knife. Pipe the sausage meat mix into the tunnel, being careful the breast does not split. The chicken breast will become plump and firm. Tightly wrap the stuffed breast in cling and secure at each end. (Barrel wrap). Poach in simmering chicken stock for about 15mins. Remove and probe to above 65degrees. Remove cling film and shallow fry your chicken barrel in butter and thyme until golden brown.

Rest for a couple of minutes and slice evenly to four plates



Your garnish

2 large red skin potatoes peeled and chopped for mash

50grm unsalted butter

25ml double cream

8 washed baby leeks

200ml vegetable stock

100grms fine beans top and tailed

Fennel herb (Optional herb garnish)


Boil potatoes for mash, dry, pass through a drum sieve or ricer and beat in a non-stick pan with butter and cream. Blanch fine beans in salted boiling water, leaving to a crunch. Remove leek heads and portion leeks into two, sauté in butter, adding a little stock, cover and simmer for 10 mins



From the Cupboard


Gravy base



Use seasoning to flavour all of your food. Remember not to over season. Your sauce can be made by deglazing your chicken pan with wine and adding stock and thickening base to create wonderful chicken gravy. Pass through a sieve before serving.



Robs Suggestions

Press your chicken skin between two sheets of parchment paper, place between to trays and roast until crispy. Season and snap up to form delicious shards. This can be done in advance.

With remaining 1/3 of brioche crumb lightly fry in butter to create a delicious crunchy texture to sprinkle over your plate



Evenly spread your green vegetables onto the centre of the plate, piping small witches’ hats of potato to create height. Rest chicken on top and finish with fresh herbs and a sprinkle of crumb.

Not forgetting your chicken gravy!!!




Chicken & Stuffing