This old fashioned recipe was produced by my Nanny Winnie. This simple dessert brings back wonderful childhood memories of sweet sticky apple, silky custard and lots of crunchy topping. 



Sticky Apple Tarte

Five granny smith apples peeled and core removed


50grm butter

1 vanilla pod

1 star anise

95grm muscovado dark brown sugar

1 sheet of pre-rolled puff pastry



Place butter into a small pan and soften, add split vanilla pod and star anise. Cut apples in half and place cheek down into pan arranging neatly next to each other, add sugar and begin to caramelise over a medium heat for a couple of minutes. Top generously with pastry, pierce a couple of times and place in an oven for 20mins at 170degrees.

Remove and rest for 5 minutes



Lots of Custard
5 egg yolks


1 tsp corn flour

1 vanilla pod split

75grm caster sugar

275ml double cream


Beat egg yolks, corn flour and sugar together until creamy in texture. Scald cream over a gentle heat adding vanilla pod seeds. Pour cream onto egg mix continuously whisking, place back into pan, cooking custard out for a couple of minutes. Pour into small kilner jars and leave to set in fridge until spongy and creamy to touch.



Crunchy Crumble
100grm plain flour


60 grm butter

50 grm granulated sugar


Rub together all ingredients to form a crumble texture. Place onto a lined baking tray and bake for 8-10 minutes. Remove and leave to rest as a crunchy biscuit



Robs Suggestions

Add nuts to your crumble to enhance flavour and texture

Served apple tart at room temperature

Crumble can be made in advance, place in a sealed container, as it will last and stay crunchy for 3 days

Use approximately a 6inch pan for your tart





Portion your sticky sweet toffee apple tart, sprinkle with your deconstructed crunchy crumble, seving your creamy jar of homemade custard to the side.




Apple Crumble & Custard